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It can happen that you cannot access your work e-mail at home, our your private one at work. That is why this year we ask for your main and secondary e-mail address as well. We kindly ask you to think through if you can manage your tasks as a judge with one e-mail address, or should we share the info with two? Please note that you will need access to google drive and/or attachments.

Basic data

Event organisation aspects

Choose which position do you prefer each days when you will take part on the event.
Date Description Position
2021-08-06 (0. day) Friday - Preparations
2021-08-07 (1. day) Saturday - DV Static, Businness events
2021-08-08 (2. day) Sunday - Scrutineering, Static Events, Dynamic
2021-08-09 (3. day) Monday - Scrutineering, Dynamic Events
2021-08-10 (4. day) Tuesday - Dynamic Events - Endurance, Award Ceremony
2021-08-11 (5. day) Wednesday - DV Dynamic Events

Volunteer/Track Marshall data

Allowed extension: .pdf; Maximum size: 5MB
Allowed extension: .pdf; Maximum size: 5MB

Judge data

Based on the data provided in the following section we can find the most suitable position for You as a Judge based on your previous experiences and preferences.
Please give your current workplace's official name. This will be written on your official judge badge.
For judge assignment we need to know if you are related to any team which you are assigned to.
- If you were a team member, please write the name of the team and your role in it!
- If you were a volunteer at an FS event before, please specify your tasks!'
If you are not particularly fan of any categories, just please set to "any"
Please give your preferred judge position
Please give a second option, if for some reason we can't manage to assure your first option
It is required to upload your CV or link your LinkedIn profile if you have less than 2 years of work experiences.
Allowed extension: .pdf; Maximum size: 5MB

Scrutineer data

Allowed extension: .pdf; Maximum size: 5MB
Allowed extension: .pdf; Maximum size: 5MB

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