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Pre-registration as volunteer

Hello from the Association of Automotive Engineers! We are glad to hear you would like to become a part of FS East 2022 which is taking place at the Hungaroring, Budapest 7-13th August 2022. This Pre-Registration will be followed by the Final Registration where we will clarify a few more details with you and share more information about the event.

Basic information

It can happen that you cannot access your work e-mail at home and your private one at work. You might encounter errors receving our mails and documents through your company mail server. That is why we ask for a backup, secondary e-mail address as well. We kindly ask you to think through if you can manage your tasks as a judge with one e-mail address, or should we share the info with two? Please note that you will need access to Google Drive and/or attachments.

Volunteering options

In the following section we would like to ask what volunteering role you are interested in and when you are available to participate on our event. If you are not familiar with the volunteering roles and tasks on FS East you can read more about them on our volunteer info page.

Which volunteer position do you prefer? *

Multiple positions can be selected. Please click on all you wish to apply to.

Volunteer: General helper on FS East, primarily Track Marshals and other volunteers supporting the event. This position does not require any specific previous experience, only enthusiasm. :) They will be needed throughout the whole event, from 07.08. Sunday afternoon to 13.08. Saturday morning.

Scrutineer: A responsible position for those who are checking the cars if they confirm to the rules. Being a Formula Student Alumna/Alumnus is an advantage. They will be needed throughout the whole event, but primarily from 07.08. Sunday afternoon to 11.08. Thursday.

Judge: They have one-on-one discussions with the team members on the Static Events, evaluating their job throughout the year. We welcome both industry professionals and experienced Formula Student Alumna/Alumnus in these positions. Most of the judges will be needed on 08.08. Monday and 09.08. Tuesday, when we hold the initial judging of the Static Events, while the "Cost & Manufacturing Final" and "Engineering Design Finals" will most likely be held on 10.08. Wednesday or 11.08. Thursday, depending on schedule finalization.

When are you available?*

Please click on all the days when you are available.

Static judging opportunities

To choose your most suitable judging topics please take a look at the Judge section on our volunteer info page, where you can find their descriptions.

Please give a second option, if – for some reason – we can't manage to assure your primary preferred topic.
If there is also a third topic interesting for you, you can mark it here.
If you are not particularly fan of any categories, just please set to "any".

Scrutineering opportunities

General volunteering opportunities

Your professional background

Please give your current workplace's official name. If you will be a judge on the Static Events, this will be written on your official judge badge. You can modify it later.
What is your field of expertise? What are your favourite engineering or business topics? Please write about your work related experiences in a few sentences. It will help us to find the most suitable position for you. For judges and scrutineers this field is mandatory, while for volunteers it is optional.

For judges and scrutineers you need to provide at least one of the following two options. For volunteers it is not obligatory to provide a CV or a LinkedIn / Xing profile.

Please insert the link of your profile on Linkedin, Xing or similar professional networking website
Allowed extension: .pdf; Maximum size: 5MB

Your Formula Student background

What is the name of your former team? When were you a team member? What was your role in your team? Please, write it in a few sentences for us.
Which event was it and when? What were your tasks? (e.g. Judge on Static Events, Scrutineer, Track Marshall, etc.)

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